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Books I read in 2010

I ended up trying to complete one of the 50 book reading lists but I was unable to. Even though I wasn't able to, I still wanted to share what I was able to. My favorite books are in bold.

1. February 18: The Graveyard Book: Neil Gaiman
2. February 24: Underworld: Blood Enemy: Greg Cox
3. March 5?: Interworld: Neil Gaiman
4. March 15: Blue Bloods: Melissa De La Cruz
5. April 11: Princess In Training (Volume VI of The Princess Diaries series): Meg Cabot
6. Take Me Out To The Airfield!: How The Wright Brothers Invented The Airplane: Robert Quackenbush
7. May 9: In the time of the butterflies: Julia Alvarez
8. May 12: Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead
9. May 16: Frostbite (Volume II of Vampire Academy series): Richelle Mead

10. May 18: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents: Julia Alvarez
11. May 22: Princess on the Brink (Volume VIII of The Princess Diaries series): Meg Cabot
12. June 9: Ten Cents a Dance: Christine Fletcher
13. June 17: Mob Princess: For Love and Money: Todd Strasser
14. June 20: Rumors (Volume II of Luxe series): Anna Godbersen
15. June 26: Lyra's Oxford: Philip Pullman
16. July 14: Nevermore (Supernatural): Keith R.A. DeCandido
17: July 24: The Queen of Everything: Deb Caletti
18: July 26: Vampire Knight (Volume 2): Matsuri Hino
19: July 28: Dear John: Nicholas Sparks
20: July 31: The Notebook: Nicholas Sparks
21: August 3: The Last Song: Nicholas Sparks

22: August 5: The Mummy or Ramses The Damned: Anne Rice
23: August 15: The Redheaded Princess: Ann Rinaldi
24: December 16: Oh. My. Gods.: Tera Lynn Childs
25: December 27: Supernatural: Bone Key: Keith R.A. DeCandido

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