cementisawkward (cementisawkward) wrote in bookish,


I am returning to college in a few weeks, (aka I won't be able to read for fun for months), and I need your help!
I went through some old Christopher Moore books for fun, but now I have to ask -

Here are some numbers with sentences by them:
1. Not too long, I love Dune but I don't have time for another epic novel.
2. I don't want them to be really recent because I'm getting them from the local library!
3. I do love poetry (Ginsberg, Plath, Wallace Stevens), and it'd be fun to read more.
4. I will not read romance, Twilight, or Agatha Christie (I only really like Poirot, and I've read all of those books).
5. I enjoy nerdy things like Esperanto.

So, if you can help...that would be wonderful :)

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