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Dreadnought by Cherie Priest

Vinita Lynch is a nurse for the Confederate army (known as “Mercy” to her patients), working at Richmond hospital in Virginia with a relatively good reputation for keeping its patients alive. With such a high survival rate, it’s little reason she barely has time to rest, let alone consider the husband she hasn’t seen in over a year. An unexpected telegram with news of his death and a request for her presence in Washington changes that. Washington is outside the bounds of the country—all wild territory still being claimed by frontier settlers.

It’s the home of her estranged father who finds himself near death and calling for the daughter he abandoned long ago; it’s also far away from anything she’s ever considered home. With the fresh burden of widowhood falling awkwardly and strangely nightmarish on her shoulders, Mercy makes her way West. There will be an unforgettable dirigible flight, a mad train, a bizarre mystery, and the oddest combination of gun-slinging characters ready for roaring adventure to introduce Mercy to the new life she’ll lead in Seattle.
Tags: genre: science fiction, review, subject: history, xxx author last name: i-q

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