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The last ride byThomas Eidson

With school and my job haven't had time to post much in a while.

Title: The Last Ride
By: Thomas Eidson
Summary: The plot concerns an aging shaman who tries to reconcile with his estranged daughter. When his granddaughter is kidnapped by renegade Apaches, the two must work together to get her back.( thanks to wikipedia)
Rating: C
Pages: 304
Mythoughts: I pick up the last because I liked the movie The missing; which the movie base off. Which one better, huh, I'm not sure. Nine times out of Ten I'd say the book but not in this case. There are a few details in the Movie, that other weren't in the book or just skip over all together, on the flip-side there were some parts in the Movie, which in my personal opinion made the movie good, weren't in the book. So, to sum it up, it was okay.  

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