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Book recs, pretty please

I'm very fond of the Hunger Games trilogy & angst ridden young females ( Laurie Halse Anderson's books come to mind . I've read Wintergirls & have ordered Speak.) I like young women as the main characters and having them overcome a tragedy that they may or may not have caused. I do love romance as a subplot ( I can't help it I'm a shipper XD). Basically I'm looking for two different types  of books( action thriller, like Hunger Games  & emo young adults). I'm kind of over the vampire, werewolves, witches, fallen angels fad. I can't stand gory, horror novels but I love a good mystery. I'm not a feminist so I don't like female characters too butch but I don't like weak female characters either ( i.e. Bella Swan, Juliet.). Some of my favorite heroes & heroines are Anne Elliot, Alice Cullen ( love her but with the exception of New Moon I could barely get through the books), Amy Dorrit, Edward Ferrers, Peeta Mellark.

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