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Seed Seeker by Pamela Sargent

Bian has never been beyond the fields of her village. The River People have had little need to travel north to visit the Dome Dwellers. They do not want for food or clothing, only the strange technology of their ancestors brings them upriver to trade with the people they became separated from so long ago. Fuel cells can’t replenish themselves, after all. Neither can the colonists, the Dome Dwellers—the survivors who maintain their righteous link to the first colonists of Home and refuse to leave the long-standing habitats and claim the world as their own.

They have not done well sustaining the animals and crops left for them. Even the children run wild and unbridled around the compound, driven by an unnamed fear of the River People and of the wide unknown beyond the fabricated structures surrounding them. But a strange light on the horizon is about the change how these two groups view each other, how they feel about their failures and accomplishments, and how they choose to go forward with their lives. Like a legend or fairy tale, everyone is familiar with the story of Ship, the large flying machine that brought the first settlers to Home, and its promise to return one day and show its children they have not been forgotten. Ship, as Bian as surmised, has come back.
Tags: category: young adult, genre: science fiction, review, xxx author last name: r-z

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