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Haunted Legends ed. by Ellen Datlow & Nick Mamatas

 A collection of supernatural tales drawn from cultures around the world, Haunted Legends is part horrifying, part skin-crawling, and part contemplative. Ellen Datlow has teamed up with Nick Mamatas to gather resurrections of urban legends, ghost stories, and local terrors derived from a variety of imaginations and reality-based nightmares to produce a solidly satisfying anthology. There are, of course, some stories that outshine the rest, but the overall quality and diverse contributions ensure a little something for every reader.

Not to be confused with ghost stories as the title may lead some to believe, Haunted Legends is all about the lingering tales told to us as children (or just a long time ago) and still remembered years later as adults. Sometimes the memory of fear holds a terrible power over the tale itself. Thus, these legends, these traditions passed down from neighbor to neighbor, cousin to cousin, best friend to best friend, still reverberate in the public consciousness. They have endured through the years, which invariably has a diluting effect, like grains of sand beating against a once coarse rock. But these twenty authors have brought new life to these stories and new apprehensions as readers continue to keep alive that which has unnerved us for many years.
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