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Winter Rose

Winter Rose by Patricia A McKillip

Rois sees a man walk out to the woods. . . and being a rather wild thing herself, she gathers flowers and herbs and returns to learn of Corbet Lynn, who returned home to claim his grandfather's lands, which have fallen to wrack and ruin since the day so many years ago when his father killed his grandfather and ran off, cursed by that grandfather.  Not that any two people can tell the same story of what the curse was, or any one person tell who was there to see that it was murder, or hear the curse, as Rois finds out when she investigates in the village.

Out in the woods, she sees even stranger things.  And being Corbet's nearest neighbor, she and her family see somewhat of him, though not to clear up all the mystery.

And the tale involves her dead mother's wedding ring, a well, roses, dreams, an owl, a father defending his son from a very uncanny woman in the woods, spring and winter, and repairing a house that all but fallen to pieces.
Tags: genre: fantasy, xxx author last name: i-q

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