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Life After God by Douglas Coupland


Blurb: "You are the first generation raised without religion. What happens if we are raised without religion or beliefs? As we grow older, the beauty and disenchantments of the world temper our souls. We all have spiritual impulses, yet where do these impulses flow in a world of commodities and consumerism?"

Life After God is a collection of short stories and illustrations. Each tale features a different narrator but is told with more or less the same theme. They are about someone who is trying to find themselves, their views on the world, their thoughts and fears, where they are in life at that exact moment, the past, present and future etc. It's like reading a group of philosophical personal zines that are individual on their own, yet all combine similiar emotions. The stories touch upon loneliness, anxiety, depression, difficulties relating to the world and people; issues that we know exist yet are ones that many of us don't want to think too much about. It asks a lot of spiritual style questions with little element of religion (hence the title and overall statement about being raised without religion). This collection is moving and hilarious but most of all thought-provoking. 8/10


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Oct. 19th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
I get into this discussion a LOT. My friends and some of my family are traditionally religious while I maintain that I managed to turn out okay without any church, potential punishment, or that sort of thing. My ideas of right and wrong jell with theirs, and my spirituality has developed independent of religion or religious guidance.

Thanks for the rec, I really look forward to reading this.
Oct. 19th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
That's similiar to how I am. One side of my family (Dad's) are very religious (Catholic) whilst my Mum's side isn't. I was raised with no strong sense of religion as they wanted me to make up my own mind. I consider myself to be an Atheist but I still ponder big "life" questions as much as strictly religious people do :)
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