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YA and childrens book reviews

Book Review: NERDS by Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley is best known for the fantastic Sisters Grimm series for children. In NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society he leaves behind all the fairy tale characters and enters a world that is truly frightening, elementary school. NERDS begins a new series about a group of elementary school students that also happen to be secret agents charged with the responsibility of keeping the rest of the world safe. This action packed book is not all flashy stunts; it also covers deeper topics about bullying and acceptance that all children can relate with.

Read my complete review here.

Book Review: Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Iron King by Julie Kagawa is a young adult novel that will delight those that enjoy reading about fey and those that have felt that they just do not fit in. Meghan Chase is turning sixteen, and she wants what every other teen girl wants, to get her drivers license and the attention of her crush. However, she is not the typical teenage girl. She has never quite fit in, and she is about to find out just how different she really is.

See my complete review here.

Book Review; Other by Karen Kincy

Other by Karen Kincy is a young adult novel that uses legends most of us know, such as werewolves and vampire and pushes them to the background instead of in the spotlight. We get to see a wide variety of legends from different culture come to life in Other. In a reality when the idea of paranormal people living among them is a fact, though one not exactly well accepted, we see the full range of reactions to people that are different. Everyone with paranormal aspects is termed an "Other".

See complete review here.

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