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Reviewing YA

A selection of books I've recently read, because I keep forgetting to post here often. Under the cuts, click the titles to see my Goodreads reviews (often longer than these).

"Avatars" trilogy
Tui T. Sutherland
"From New York to Los Angeles, Chile to Egypt, five teens awake to find their cities eerily deserted. Why have they survived when so many others haven't? What force connects them to one another? Moving north, south, east, and west, they are pulled together to fight the ultimate battle in a war they never knew about—a war that has been raging since the dawn of time."

In one word? Awesome. An apocalyptic world with superpowered teens and loads of mythology. Action, adventure, humor and wit.
The entire three-book series is an enthralling, fast-paced read that will have you on the edge of your seat. Readers be warned: make sure you have all three books on hand before you start...you won't want to take a break between books!

Sisters Red
Jackson Pearce
Sisters Rosie and Scarlett have dedicated their lives to killing the Fenris, shapeshifters/werewolves that prey on young girls. But what will happen when these two, who consider themselves to share one heart, realize they want different things in life?

It was, overall, a solid book. A good reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood, with well-written characters. It felt short, but the story was solid, with no loose ends when it ended. However, there's not much memorable about it. A good read, but not a re-read.

Frank Peretti
What should be a regular camping trip turns into a nightmare when Reed Shelton's wife is kidnapped by a monstrously large creature. What's worse are the other missing people and dead bodies that have started to show up, leaving searchers little time to find the missing woman.

I was always surprised, while reading, when I came to a point where I thought the book was almost over several times only to discover half the book (give or take) still to go. So Peretti did an excellent job keeping the story going despite what could have been a fairly short story.

Was also happy that it didn't hit you over the head despite being Christian fiction. There was some, of course, though this being the genre I consider that unavoidable and happy that it rarely seemed out of place.

Scott Westerfeld
Set is an alternate universe where WWI essentially turns into the "Clankers" vs. "Darwinists." Clankers rely on steampunk-style machines--planes, walking tanks, etc., while Darwinists have managed to manipulate DNA and combine creatures for maximum potential, such as a giant flying whale-ship that produces hydrogen to stay up via its food.

Caught in the middle are Alek, son of Franz Ferdinand of Austria and on the run from those wishing war, and Deryn a.k.a. Dylan, a girl masquerading as a boy in order to enter the Darwinists' air force.

It's an all-around interesting book, with gorgeous illustrations (!!!) that help you envision the various types of creatures and clanks that make up the book's world. There's not much else to say other than read it, read it!

The Thirteenth Child
Patricia Wrede
10/5 There are not numbers enough to convey my love of this book.
In an alternate universe of 1800's America, Eff is the unlucky 13th child in her family, doomed (so she's told) to curse everyone around her--but her twin brother, Lan, is the gifted double-seventh son. Follow Eff as she struggles to figure out the world in which she lives, a world made all the stranger when her family moves out west where only the magical Great Barrier protects them from the dangerous beasts of the wild: swarming weasels, mammoths, steam dragons, and more.

In this world, Lewis and Clark disappeared, never to return from their dangerous trip to the Pacific. In this world, magic training is a normal part of life. In this world, you find an engrossing story.

I was held captive as we see the world from Eff's eyes. We don't find out everything at once, but author Wrede does an excellent job filling us in with enough information without making us wait too long. It's also a good, long book, without a cliffhanger ending. You'll definitely be dying for more, though.

Feel free to look me up on Goodreads! I'm always looking for book recs!
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