slashmarks (slashmarks) wrote in bookish,

Title: Everafter
Author(s): Nell Stark and Trinity Tam
Verdict: 3/5
Publisher’s synopsis:

How far would you go to save your lover’s soul? When medical student Valentine Darrow is bitten by a Vampire on her way home to propose to her lover, Alexa Newland, her life becomes a nightmare. She is consumed—both by a craving for human blood, and by an obsession to find her attacker and bring him to justice. Alexa is determined to be everything that Valentine needs, but when Val's appetite outstrips Alexa's ability to nourish her, Alexa risks her life to save her lover. Will Valentine be able to control her thirst—for blood and for vengeance? And can Valentine and Alexa's relationship endure against seemingly impossible odds?

This book was exactly what I expected – namely, trashy lesbian vampire lit. That said, it was fun trashy lesbian vampire lit, and if you don’t mind some whining and melodrama, I’d actually recommend it. The author’s take on vampirism and shapeshifters was interesting, and she actually wrote some rather hot sex scenes. It’s a fast read.

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