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Clementine by Cherie Priest

In a universe where Abraham Lincoln was never assassinated and the Civil War never quite came to an end, there is an abundance of odd flying machines powered by steam, buoyed by air. These airships are the heart and soul of American trade and their captains. Croggon Hainey is one such captain united with his dirigible in a bond so fierce he’ll do anything to get her back, even chase her around the country. Hainey has a price on his head worth the value of his Free Crow or as she’s known to the Confederates, Clementine. It’s a race against the clock for the former slave and the Southern Belle who’s been hired to track down the Clementine and ensure her cargo reaches Louisville, Kentucky—without Hainey. Of course, catching Hainey might reestablish her credibility with the Rebels that has only too recently been ruined by scandal.

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