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Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

When a plague ruined Earth, it was up to the United Corporation of America to reestablish the population elsewhere. Naturally, as the next closest planet, Mars would have to do. But after the terraforming was finished, the miners originally sent to create a viable atmosphere weren’t rewarded for their efforts. Trapped inside of their mines, the workers were helpless to stop the calculated invasion of chigoes released by the government—native insectoids with the ability to secret acidic liquid on their victims.

Jacob “Durango” Stringfellow, like everyone else, believed most of these miners dead or long gone, having abandoned their mines for the safety of more populated outposts. He never expected to be so down on his luck or out of money either. When a dingy trio of miners come asking for help to stop the Draeu from preying on their children, it’s all he can do to resist their pitiful case and remind himself he’s in it for the money now, not the people nor their meager offerings. Fortunately for the miners, Durango’s strapped for cash and a little more desperate and soft-hearted than he lets on.

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Tags: category: young adult, genre: science fiction, review, xxx author last name: a-h

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