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Rampant by Diana Peterfreund

Astrid Llewelyn is resigned to a life she feels she has little control over. Her friends are pressuring her to “go all the way” with her new boyfriend Brandt; Brandt would rather paw at her in the grass while her young charges are asleep in the house upstairs. In comparison to what her mother brings, those are the least of her problems. To say Lilith is obsessed with her failed PhD research is an understatement. She may have settled with her daughter in a Seattle suburb, working one mediocre job after another, but her convictions are strong.

The Llewelyns are descended from an ancient and powerful line of unicorn hunters; Lilith’s cryptozoological studies focus on all things unicorn, all the time. As if that wasn’t ludicrous enough—and a nightmare for her seventeen-year old daughter—Lilith’s refusal to admit defeat (unicorns do not, and never did, exist) is starting to negatively affect Astrid. She’s seeing unicorns at the edges of the woods and even now, one is running toward Brandt with its head held low and one long, wicked looking horn aiming straight for his leg…

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