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Inda by Sherwood Smith

Indevan-Dal (or “Inda” as he’s more commonly called) is part royalty, part knight. His father is a Prince of Choraed Elgaer; as the second son, Inda is destined to become his older brother Tanrid’s Shield Arm and defend the castle while he—the future Prince of Choraed Elgaer—is away. But circumstances have become suspect: a mass of pirates calling themselves the Brotherhood of Blood has been attacking coastal cities, pillaging and causing destruction on land as well as on the sea. In only the rarest of times and most dire situations do the second sons and other appointed Shield-Arms-to-be across the kingdom leave their small castles and join their older siblings and future lieges at the King’s Military Academy.

Inda finds himself a willing and eager new student there, but isn’t prepared for the deluge of abuse or the mysterious scent of treachery in the air. He’s become the target of sabotage alongside the King’s own second son, but the only question is why and by whose orders are the boys mistreated and unfairly plunged into a game of high stakes politics where the only consolation is death to the losing parties.

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This book was read as part of a reading challenge I am hosting on my book review blog, Jawas Read, Too!
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