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Book Review: The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong is the finale to the fantastic Darkest Powers trilogy for young adults. The series follows teenagers that have had been genetically altered, giving them more power then anyone dreamed or feared. The main character, Chloe Sanders, is a turbo charged necromancer that is too nice for her own good. Derek and Simon are brothers with very different strengths while Tori is still on the fringes of the group with her volatile temper and power. This group became a team through circumstance and is becoming one through friendship. Now all these teens want is to live their own lives. Stopping further experiments, saving their loved ones, finding others that have been similarly altered, and mastering their supernatural abilities would make them happy too. The book is dependent on the previous books for world and character development, so reading The Summoning and The Awakening is necessary before fully enjoying The Reckoning.
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Book Review: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce is a re-imagining of the Little Red Riding Hood story with a new take on werewolf myths that blend together to give readers a captivating story about sisters, friendship and love. As children, Scarlett and Rosie March learned the awful truth about the monsters in the world. They learn to fight and hunt the Fenris, werewolves, to protect other girls from being hunted and devoured by the monsters. Together with their lifelong friend and hunting partner Silas, they discover that life, hunting and love are all far more complicated then they would like. This is a gritty, moving tale that is appealing to a wide variety of readers because of the amount of action and character development that drives the story.
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Book Review: Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon is a young adult novel set in the same world as her best selling Dark Hunter series for adults. In Infinity, we met Nick Gautier as a fourteen year old as he becomes aware of the paranormal aspects of the people around him, and his own potential. Readers get to see the back-story of how Nick became embroiled with Acheron and the Dark Hunters and walk down a different path so that nothing else can be taken for granted even if you have read all the other books written by Kenyon. Nothing is certain and readers can enjoy alternate future for all their favorite characters.
See my complete review here.

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