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Personal Recs: Vampire/Supernatural Young Adult Fiction - What To Read and What Not To Read

My friend loves reading but never had the time to because of work. Now she's unemployed and looking for jobs but has rediscovered the comfort of reading. Because I read so much (I have finished the 50 book challenge with 5 months to go wooohoo!), she asked me to compile a list of my personal recommendations to help her wade through the masses upon masses of Vampire and Supernatural Young Adult fiction. We've also recently noticed how a lot of local book retailers and major department stores now have specific sections for 'Vampire' (and the like) fiction.

So here's a simple list based on personal opinion of what I've read in the Vampire and Supernatural Young Adult genre that I compiled for her that I thought would be fun to share on here. Your opinions are very much welcome!

1. Twilight
Who hasn't read Twilight? It's stupid to start with it, I know, and you're probably all rolling your eyes now. But whether you love it or hate it, it was still kind of a 'fun' read.

2. Claudia Gray's 'Evernight' series
Book 1 is Evernight, and is not a solid book but builds up characters and plots that play out quite well in the next two books. I would recommend this one but honestly don't blame you if you want to tear your hair out after reading the first. But it gets better, Stargazer and Hourglass are a lot better than Evernight.
General plot and characters: Bianca is a vampire, Lucas is part of the black cross - a team of humans who want revenge on vampires. Bianca and Lucas can't help their feelings for eachother, so essentially the plot of all three books revolve around this.

3. P.C & Kristin Cast's 'House of Night' series
Vampires and these sort of vampire/zombie things and all this other weird sh*t
AVOID! I have read the first four books, and still wonder why I even bothered past the first. We have a terrible cast of stereotypical characters who are mindlessly boring, slutty, superficial and just plain wrapped up in their own world. By the fourth book the main character Zooey has/had four different love interests - Erik (the peer student), the Professor (who sleeps with her and uses her), the human ex boyfriend whom Zooey imprints on/with, and then there's some new archer guy, I can't really recall because I stopped reading after he was introduced. It's not worth the paper its printed on. Then again, some people find it enjoyable? Who am I to judge?

4. Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angels
The second book in the series comes out soon, but people have criticised this book mostly because it follows the same basic plot as Twilight does. I admit it has some Twilight-esque moments but it's not really fair to compare it to Twilight because in a way its nothing like it. Having said that, it suffers from 'Mary-Sueism' and the convenience of lack of parenting and control. Plot development wasn't too bad. It's a real hit-or-miss book, but I'd recommend it anyway. Pretty exciting ending.
Characters: Nora, Patch and Vee. (Vee is probably the most awesome character so far).

5. Fallen - Lauren Kate
Fallen Angels
Like Hush Hush, it's soon to be accompanied by a second book in the series. This was a rather so-so book that I can't really recommend lightly because I had so many conflicts while reading it. The author doesn't paint the picture very well as her descriptions lack and her writing style is choppy. I can't remember what happened in the end so it musn't have been that great. Also, the author unnecessarily killed off a character, the only character I actually really liked, hence I have a feeling she is going to just get worse with it. Couldn't tell you character names off the top of my head because it was quite unremarkable, and not really worth the time.

6. The Hollow - Jessica Verday

Ghosts? (unsure of what this reaaaally is but its supernatural for sure)
A lot of the places and names are taken from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and is a central theme in the book. While this book is prone to having lots and lots of pages of just boring descriptions and mundane things the main character did, I grew to like the overall 'feel' of the book. There were many cliche moments, and the ending wasn't great, but I want to read the second book! I'd recommend it as a light read if you love the idea of mixing Sleepy Hollow with delicious cookies and perfume making and cliche gothic dresses, but if you give up I can fully understand why.

7. The Silver Kiss - Annette Curtis Klause
Often referred to as 'The Original Twilight'. Published back in the early nineties, this book is a really good book for younger YA readers. Having said that, while the writing is good, characters lack in development. The plot is decent but repetitive at times, and definitely different from modern YA-Vampire novels. It really does have that delicious nineties feel that reminded me of the movies Casper and Hocus Pocus (but not really.... I digress). I'd recommend it but I think it's more aimed at younger readers.

8. The Moth Diaries - Rachel Klein
Told in diary format from the POV of a girl at a boarding school who suspects one of the girls she lives with is a vampire. A real spooky kind of book, and I think in the end we never got to find out if the girl really was a vampire (don't hold me to that because I read this a while back). I liked this about it, but if you don't like diary style books I'd avoid it. It's a bit girly in parts, but actually quite creepy.

9. The Vampire Diaries - L.J. Smith (The Awakening & The Struggle)
I adore the TV series, and decided to start reading these books after I saw the pilot episode. However I find that while there are many similarities, there's an equal amount of differences. The books are easy reads, although Elena as a character comes off as really selfish and uncaring and cold in the books, whereas in the TV show she is so much more likeable (I find). However they can be really enjoyable. They're more of a 'fun' read, and probably shouldn't be taken too seriously, although the drama does get a bit much at times. I'd recommend this if you liked Twilight or like the Vampire Diaries TV series.

10. Kelley Armstrong's 'Darkest Powers' series.

Mixed supernatural themes such as Necromancy, Werewolves, witchcraft and magic, demons etc. Its a mixed bag!
The Summoning is the first book. I thought I would hate it, and it was the opposite. I was immediately drawn into the story. Chloe, I found, was a really likeable main character. At times this book was eerie and creepy and had me on edge and I absolutely LOVED that about it. I don't want to give too much away because it's just something you should read for yourself to find out. I would really recommend this series (although I'm yet to read the last book, it's still coming in the mail) but so far so good!! And the other thing I really like about it, is that it's a real 'clean' sort of book. There's not foul language, no horny teenagers jumping allover eachother, and that's what I really like about it.

11. Dark Side of  the Moon - Candace Farrugia
One of my friends wrote this book. It's set in Brisbane, Australia, and is quite an exciting read! It's almost completely unheard of, and can only be bought on Amazon or Createspace.com at the moment, and while she has not yet got an agent or editor and has completely self published, I thought this book was worth a mention because it has a great storyline.

12. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater

I have only read 'Shiver' (the first book), and have just started on the second book 'Linger'. Shiver is so beautifully and artistically written, and I really appreciate that about the book. it's a beautiful book to look at (especially if you get the hardcover version), and is just... well.. beautiful. The characters are somewhat likeable. Grace, I feel, could be worked on. Sam is a little bit of a whiney character but I feel that is just part of his personality. The plot is disjointed but I think that's how it was meant to be, and in this case it works. I loved this book, and I hope I like Linger just as much. Recommended :)

13. My Love Lies Bleeding - Alyxandra Harvey
I can see it's appeal but I did not like this one at all. I didn't think it was all that well written, and the characters 'voices' all sounded the same. Sometimes changing first person POV works, and other times it doesn't. In This book it really, really doesn't work. Redeeming qualities? I couldn't find anything. The plot just didn't grow on me, nor did any other element of the book. I wouldn't really recommend this one.

14. Melissa de la Cruz's 'Blue Bloods' series
It was essentially a vampire version of Gossip Girl. I don't know which came first but both are as bad as eachother. There was no real 'main' character, although you could argue that Schuyler was the main character but it was really balanced between her and Mimi Force, Jack Force, Bliss and Dylan, none of which I actually liked. None of the characters seemed to give a rats ass about eachother so it was hard for me to care. It was just brainlessly stupid. Vampire models? No thanks. Total fail. It just went NOWHERE. I would not recommend this series.

15. Ash - Malinda Lo
Faeries? Not entirely sure...
This was meant to be a twist on the old story of Cinderella, however I found the faerie/wood folk part of it to be boring. The book as a whole was boring and dull to me, I just couldn't get into it, and didn't care for the characters. However some people really, really love it? I guess I just don't understand it.

16. Uninvited - Amanda Marrone
This is a kind of sorry excuse for a book. What was meant to be the 'main' plot, felt like an afterthought/subplot. The author strived too hard to make the main character the ultimate likeable everything kind of girl. She was meant to be smart, cool, but also an outcast, but also had depression or some sort of social issue, but also did drugs and got wasted, but also hated her parents, but also had a love interest, but also was being stalked by the guy she thought was dead. It was a mess of a book. It was just... ick... don't even bother. DO. NOT. RECOMMEND.

17.The Hourglass Door - Lisa Mangum
Oh the potential of this book was great! And the author was quite a decent writer if it weren't for the terrible characters she put into play and the cliches on every page. Dante was so obviously a flamboyant homosexual Italian male-model, yet the author wanted him to be the perfect hot, sexy (omg like drop dead gorgeous...), Italian hunk of a thing, so super sensitive, and deep, and likes poetry or some crap. Not my kind of guy, so it was hard to like him. OH and he wore unbuttoned, billowing white shirts, tight black pants, and leather gloves. And he likes to 'sweep his long hair from his face with his gloved hands'.  Oh yeah and he was from the past. He travelled in time. And it was dangerous for him to spend so much time with the main character. Blah blah fricken blah. I can't recommend this. Actually, I can if you LOVE to laugh. This was hiiiilarious.

18. Once A Witch - Carolyn  MacCullough
While the premise of this book was fascinating, the delivery lacked. It should have been amazingly interesting, but it was boring and I didn't care for it. I can barely remember what happened now because I cared so little in the end. Then again maybe it was because it was a little too juvenile and I'm not that into witches. I don't really want to recommend it though.

19. Sea Change - Aimee Freidman
Mermaids (implied anyway)
Despite this book not actually reaching any real conclusion, it was quite a good, light read, and the characters were easy enough to like, the plot was easy enough to follow, and the setting and stuff was all so different to what I had read before. I liked this purely because it was quite original to me. I'd recommend this is as a fun summer read, though it may be a little juvenile. Still pretty cool though.

Your Recommendations:
 boojumlol suggests White Cat - Holly Black  &  The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan
soho_iced suggests Rainbow Opera & Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox
bella_moments suggests the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil series (starting with Prom Dates From Hell)
spacegirl92 suggests Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
raven_tree  suggests Sunshine by Robin McKinley and The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

So if anyone else would like to add any to the list, you're more than welcome to give your thoughts on what's already up there or books/series you have read that you would either recommend or avoid!! Thanks so much guys for putting up with this big list haha!


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  • Only Human, by Sylvain Neuvel

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