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Book Review: Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society surpassed my expectations. This exciting new series from Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls series, brings us into the world of thieves and con men. Katarina 'Kat' Bishop has done her best to escape the life of theft and be a normal teenager but it is not to be. Her friends frame her for a fantastic stunt and she ends up kicked out of an exclusive boarding school. However, it is a good thing that she is back because her father's life is in danger and only a master thief can help save his life. Kat and her friends need to pull off an impossible heist. Can Kat keep her father, and everyone else she cares about, safe and get away with the heist while keeping true to her desire not to fall into the family business?

Read my complete review here.

Book Review: Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

The Shadows by Jacqueline West is the first book in the Books of Elsewhere series. The books is about eleven year old Olive who has moved into a huge, slightly spooky, Victorian home with her distracted parents. Olive soon discovers that the house is full of more than the furnishings of the deceased previous owner. There are paintings that seem to move, but cannot be removed from the walls and a presence that seems to watch her. Talking cats, paintings that are windows into Elsewhere and an evil old man from the past make this book both fun and thrilling to readers.

Read my complete review here.


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