lissa (rhianonsidhe) wrote in bookish,

What to read next?

I'm about half way done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (for the third time) and I'm trying to decide what to read next. So I'm sitting here looking at my bookshelf debating whether or not to start something new, re-read some of the others, or head to the library with the ridiculously long list of books that I've put together from reviews/recommendations per this site.

I'm leaning towards reading something new that I already have because some of these books I've had for YEARS and I've never touched them. Here's a list of what I've got waiting on the shelves.

Tamora Pierce - The Immortals, Song of the Lioness, Tricksters, Protector of the Small
Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code
Frank Beddor - The Looking Glass Wars
Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn
Bram Stoker - Dracula
Robert Louis Stevenson - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and other strange tales
Geroge RR Martin - A 
Song of Ice and Fire series

Opinions on where to start would be most helpful. Thanks in advance. :)

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