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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

The book starts off in a very Gaiman scene, he introduces the character Richard Mayhew as a man who takes London for granted. He is a perfectly ordinary man. He has a controlling fiance, who drags him everywhere. She believes he has potential, but really he is just ordinary.
He has a boring office job.

Until he sees a girl face down in the mud, obviously hurt while on the way to a dinner with Jessica to meet a very important man. The girl's name is Door, and she is a very important person. She is part of a family who have the ability to open doors, create doors, find doors. Prior to the beginning of the story all of her family was murdered.
Richard unfortunately finds his life turned upside down. Turns out he is part of London Above or well was until he helped Door. Once Door leaves him, he finds out that no one notices him. A couple even moves into his apartment while he is in it.
Angry, he follows Door's path into London Below. He soon embarks on a journey with Door, a battered marquis, and the Hunter to revenge Door's family. In order to do this they have to reach the angel Islington, or at least that is what they think.

It is a story of angels, and of unlikely heroes.

Gaiman made sure to keep this story fast. It does not lag in dialogue or action. It is a pleasant story, filled with the beautiful imagery Gaiman always has. He does do his usual jumping from different characters for a chapter, which can be disconcerting if you are not quite used to that style.
All in all, I was impressed. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed (dare I say it) American Gods.
Pick it up from your local library folks.


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