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Book Review: Candide by Voltaire

In my recent move i had to dispossess myself of my large book collection and one of the books I couldn't bear to part with was a copy of some of Voltaire's writings.  Of the books I have remaining (probably about 2% of my former library) this was the first one I wanted to read.  I had read Candide when I was in college, not for any class, jus 'cause (I'm weird that way) and I remember not really getting it.  On the second reading however I kind of get it now.  For anybody who has not read it, it is the story of a young man (and you can't really think of him as anything but a young man because of the innocence he shows throughout) and his misfortunes.  And all the time while people are stealing from him, raping the woman he loves, killing his friends, etc., he keeps this fervent belief that he lives in "the best of all possible worlds".  The style is picaresque satire and Voltaire takes shots at religion, governments, and philosophies.  I have always enjoyed Voltaire and am glad I kept this book.

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