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Introduction of grey cat person or hi y'all!

1) How long have you been a member of [info]bookish? For about a week.
2) Where do you live? (No need to be specific - country and state or province is plenty.) I live in Israel. I came here when I was six and a half from St. Peterburg in Russia. I reside in Kiryat Mozkin which is in the North, and read and write in three languages: Hebrew, English and Russian.
3) How old are you? I am now 25 years old, and was born under Libra sign
4) What's your favorite book of all time? Favorite author? My favorite books are Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and I also read The Life According to Garp by John Irving periodically. You can say it's my bible.
5) Are there any genres that you love or hate? I love almost all book kinds, unless they are over-commercial. I can't read cheap romances or detective stories. I also don't enjoy "preaching" books, like the kind you get for free in the mailbox or on the street. Good self help books may come handy a/o as good laughs material. I like books that have humor to them, adore animal stories (I didn't read Life of Pi by Martel Yann, though, as I was appalled by the translation it got in Hebrew. Might try it English sometime). Stories about women who face some kind of drama, memoirs, diaries, and biographies of culture icons are all favorites.
6) Do you usually get books from a bookstore, from a library, from friends, online, or some other way? Well, I'm currently a university student, so most of my books are from the library, and the ones that are not I buy at the university store. I tend to borrow very little, usually I'm the one to lend and recommend books.
7) Any book recommendations you're looking for or want to give us right now? I'd like to recommend Leigh W. Ruthledge Diary of a Cat, and James Hawes' White Merc with Fins. I might also recommend Israeli fiction to people who can read in Hebrew, because very little of the Israeli fiction gets ever translated (That is very little of what I actually read).
8) Do you interact with books in any way other than reading them? (Write, edit, study, make book art?) I study English literature so that's one way. I also blog here and sometimes write poetry and lyrics.
9) Is there anyone that encouraged your love of reading when you were younger? How did they do it? I guess it was family for me at first, because we always had lots of books at home and were subscribed to kids' magazines-even my grandparents. When I arrived at Israel I went to my first library-it was in the Kibbutz where I lived and the librarian was really kind.
10) How have your reading tastes changed in the past five years? Since I started studying in uni, I found myself more and more attracted to non-fiction. My preferances are mostly cultural phenomena and I especially enjoy books about the 1960's.
11) Anything else you want to tell us so we can get to know you better? I have a cat, she's the one in my avatar. Her name is Freddie, but she can come to you if you call her Putzik.

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