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The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The year is 1932 and Max Carver has fallen in love with the sea. As the war threatens citizens on the home front, Maximilian Senior decides to move the family to a small seaside town. While his father sets up shop, Max sets out exploring and discovers a mysterious garden of statues at the edge of a forest behind the house and a strange youth living on the beach who dives for treasure. Roland is a bored, disillusioned 17-year old enjoying his final summer before being called up for war, but finds the quiet town about as interesting as any teenager might—which is to say, not very. He becomes fast friends with Max and together they embark on a journey that will take them to a far off traveling fair, a stormy ride at sea, and down into the dank, dark bowels of a sunken ship to save a fair maiden and make the beach safe again.

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Tags: category: young adult, genre: fantasy, review, xxx author last name: r-z

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