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Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon

Vatta Transport Ltd. is one of the most respected shipping and trading companies out of Slotter Key. When the daughter of CFO Gerard Vatta gets caught in the middle of a political upheaval and is kicked out of the Naval Academy, it could spell a PR disaster for the company. As soon as Kylara comes home, confused and upset, her father decides to send her on a simple run to scrap an old ship and get her out of the public eye for the next nine months. Ky doesn’t expect it to be anything more than a routine trip and settles in to forget her accidental indiscretion. Fate, of course, has a different idea.

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This book is being read as part of a summer reading challenge I am hosting on my book review blog: Jawas Read, Too.  If you're interested, this month we're reading the entire Vatta's War series. :)
Tags: genre: science fiction, review, xxx author last name: i-q

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