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'Checkers' is a YA mystery by John Marsden about a nameless teenage girl who is currently a voluntary patient in a mental hospital. The stroy is told in flash blacks which look at the events which lead up to her unstableness. 

As much as I have enjoyed many of his other books, I couldn't really get into this one even though it is a quick read. The basic plot was a bit bleak for my liking, and although the writing was very simple some of the subjects -such as the father's involvment in the shares market- was a bit hard to understand which was frustrating since it was very important to the general storyline.

However the protagonist is very likeable and easy to relate to. The other characters are also quite interesting, since each character has some sort of mental issue i.e. there's Daniel who is obsessive-compulsive (OCD), Cindy who self-injurers, Esther who thinks that there is an animal inside her head, Ben who has Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oliver who is an anorexic, and Emine who has a mental breakdown because of her over-strict parents. 

The ending was very shocking, but overall I didn't particularly enjoy this story -It was just a little bit too depressing for my taste. However, If your after a good quick read by Marsden then I would recommend trying some of his other YA books such as 'So Much To Tell You' and 'Letters From the Inside,' or if you are after something a bit longer then I would definately recommend 'The Tomorrow' series which has a little something for everyone.

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