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Review: Queerpunk - Cecilia Tan and Kelly Kincaid, eds

# 56: Queerpunk: Erotic Cyberpunk edited by Cecilia Tan and Kelly Kincaid:
She touched the console again, and the room exploded away from her like the ground from a missile.

For a moment she couldn't get her breath, though there wasn't even any air to breathe where she was,because where she was now was not made up of Earth stuff. It wasn't real at all in any practical sense of the word. But it felt very real,felt so real that the fact of it might cut her, and she gasped and clutched at nothing as raw data cycloned around her.

It had been a long time since she had logged on.
Synopsis: A collection of above-average cyberpunk stories featuring LGBT folk. Kinda.

My review's up over at Three Dollar Bill Reviews.

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