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This book was very easy to get into. Roald Dahl does a fantastic job at writing a story from a child's perspective -Matilda is presented as a clever child but where other writers might fall into the trap of presenting her as being too clever and mature to be believable Dahl manages to create a wholly believable character; she still has flaws like every other child. The other characters are also fantastic, although I seriously doubt that such an abusive person would ever be permitted to remain at a school for long -the police would never allow that to happen no matter how respected and influential that person might be in the community. The descriptions of the characters and events were very vivid but I did wonder if Dahl sometimes went a little overboard -Dahl uses quite a few words which I'm quite sure a lot of children (and even some adults) wouldn't understand. My biggest complaint about this book is that the ending was weak. As you would expect in a children's book everything turns out alright in the end, but there is no justice. The illustrations were done in a style which is very common in children's books but I found them very ugly, although children will love them. This doesn't detract from the fact that this is a great book though. Definitely recommended!

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