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she dreams through the noise

Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

The sequel to Broken Angel, Flight of Shadows is another blisteringly fast-paced novel from Sigmund Brouwer.

Flight of Shadows picks up where Broken Angel left off – Caitlyn has escaped Appalachia and is trying to make her way through life in the Outside. But being Outside doesn’t mean she’s free. As Caitlyn navigates this dangerous new world, the government picks up her trail, as does an old enemy, and she has to rely on the enigmatic but talented Razor to find her friends and survive.

Brouwer’s created a fascinating (and dark) possible future for the United States — city-states that function on a caste system: Influentials, Invisibles, Industrials — and the book is nearly impossible to put down. Razor is a fantastic amount of fun but harbors a dark secret, Caitlyn finally discovers the true value of her genetic makeup, and the villain is deliciously creepy.

A great read, especially for fans of dystopian stories.

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