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Blood and Ice - Robert Masello

    Blood and Ice - Robert Masello (3 Stars)

This book may look, and even sound, like a Vampire novel, but don't be fooled. The blurb will tell you that this story centres around the discovery of 2 bodies in the Antarctic sea, but it really deals with the build up to it. The supernatural elements don't even really begin until 2/3 of the way through.
However, as much as I would like to be critical of the book I can't; it is very well written and hopelessly engaging. This seems to be the beginning of literary fiction reclaiming the vampire and the supernatural from writers like Meyer, and although it does not pack as much of a punch as the teenage stories, it is fantastically researched. The threads Masello pulls through Victorian England to today's Antarctic are fascinating and the detail is extraordinary.
Although I would not recommend this book to someone looking for cheap thrills, the atmosphere is so strong it is definately worth a few comfortable nights in. This is a great novel for moving from teenage vampires to literary fiction.

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