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Book 6. Careless in Red by Elizabeth George

Title: Careless in Red
Author: Elizabeth George
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 752

Read before?  No
Rating:  8.5 out of 10

Next book: Changes by Jim Butcher


Summary: Thomas Lynley, a Scotland Yard detective who left the force after the murder of his pregnant wife, Helen, is filling his days with a long trek in his native Cornwall. During his ramble, Lynley stumbles on the body of teenager Santo Kerne, who apparently fell from a cliff onto some rocks, though it soon becomes evident that someone tampered with Kerne's climbing gear. As the first on the scene, Lynley himself comes under suspicion, despite his lack of history with the victim, by the investigating officer, the capable but crusty Det. Insp. Bea Hannaford. Lynley fittingly plays a secondary role in the homicide inquiry as he continues to struggle to find a reason for living after his devastating loss


Why I am reading this.  The next book in the series, and maybe the most interesting after what happened in With no one as Witness.  Was really excited to read this. 



My thoughts.  After the death of his wife, I was really interested to see them get back to Lynley.  Trying to escape the world, he stumbles across a dead body and gets caught up in a bit of drama.  It was interesting to see him struggle with the pain and confusion that death brings.  It is something that is almost impossible to know how people will react to it. 


One thing that George does very well is give you a cast of characters that all seem to have motive for murder.  I know I read mystery novels to see if I can figure out whom the killer was.  I don’t think that is an easy thing to write (at least the ones who actually try).  You look at all of these flawed people and are trying to make a determination as to whom you think did it. 


So Lynley is there trying to find himself, which was more important than even the murder seemed to be.  I don’t have a problem, since this series is about him and his relationships with some of the other players, such as Barbara Havers.  It was important for him to see life from a different perspective. He comes from nobility and is used to having most things in life handed to him.  That is a big part as to why he became a police officer in the first place.  To prove he was more than that. 


His relationship with Daidre (whom he met at the beginning and was a suspect in the murder) worked and didn’t at the same time.  He is lost and has a connection with her, but then treats her like a suspect and eventually that pushes her away.  That didn’t bother as much as him being so upset because she would not call him Tommy, and all of his friends call him that.  That was very odd.  Yet at the same time still trying to figure out if she was the killer. 


The last thing that was interesting is that it was a murder mystery without someone actually getting caught and having to face that.  I actually really enjoyed that.


Best thing about book.  The psychological aspect of Lynley trying to find himself and the subtle things he would find that mirrored what he was going through.


Worst thing about book.  So many characters and not all of them can be interesting.



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