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Two Star Trek TNG Books

A few days ago I read two Star Trek: The Next Generation books. The Eyes of the Beholders by A.C. Crispin and War Drums by John Vornholt. Ok let's start with Crispin's book. The Enterprise is sent to investigate the disapearances of several Federation and Klingon ships when they come across an alien artifact and it somhow begins to affect the crew mental health. There was also a side plot involving a blind Andorian girl named Thala, who is an orphan.

What I Liked:  Thala's relationship with Selar (one of the ship's doctors) and her interaction with Data was really funny.

What I DiDN"T Like: The whole alien art gallery that makes people go nuts. I'm sorry that was something I just couldn't buy. It was so annoying. 

Ok, up next War Drums. The plot: The planet Selva where a group of humans settled a colony and discovered a small group of Klingdons already living on the planet. When things get violent between the two races the Enterprise is sent to help keep the peace. Picard sends Worf, Ro, and Troi to the planet to discover a way for the two cultures to live togetther.

What I Liked: Worf's interacting with Turrok.

What I DIDN'T Like: The leader of the human colonists. He was someone who needed an major ego ajustment. I was really wishing that Worf or Data would knock some sense into the guy.

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