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Review: The Dark Farewell, by Josh Lanyon

# 49: The Dark Farewell by Josh Lanyon:

“You’re just in time,” the freckle-faced girl in the ticket booth told him. “We got strict orders to lock the door after the show starts.”

“Is it much of a crowd?”

To his surprise, the girl said, “Oh, yes. The Magnificent Belloc impressed a lot of folks last night, and they told their friends and families.”

Flynn raised skeptical brows, but he went inside the lobby which was startlingly ornate with dark wood and gilt fixtures and red carpets. An usher held the door for him and Flynn slipped inside the darkened theater.

Synopsis: In 1922, newspaperman David Flynn travels to a small rural Southern town to investigate a mine tragedy, and winds up investigating a serial killer, a traveling salesman and the cute psychic endangered twink in his boarding house. Game on!

My review here at Three Dollar Bill Reviews.

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