laCommunarde (lacommunarde) wrote in bookish,

French Revolution book

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other fictionalizations of the French Revolution other than Tanith Lee's "The Gods Are Thirsty" - in which the main character Camille Desmoulins goes around in a drunken haze for the entirety of the book and in which every historical figure is hugely out of character - and Hilary Mantel's "A Place of Greater Safety" - which is a little too soap-opera-y and a little too little based on facts. It can be something somewhat like Victor Hugo's "93," though there can really be only one view that's that unique. Basically I'm looking for fictionalized history, which is pro-Revolutionary, and preferably not completely anti-Robespierriste or anti-Maratiste. It can even be about a time of the Revolution, like "Danton's Death" (I think that's what it's called). Does such a book exist?

A similar question: does anyone know of any pro-Communarde stories set in the time of the Paris Commune of 1871?

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