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Books I'm reading right now:

U-571 (a novelization of the movie)

The Firm (by John Grisham)

The Firm is an excellent read, in my opinion.  From the very start, I have been sucked into the story, plot, and characters.  The pages fly by!

However, reading U-571 isn't such a walk in the park.  I know I enjoyed watching the movie, but I should have known better than to think that the book -- based off a screenplay, yeuuuch -- would be as enjoyable, if not more.  It's not... so far, anyway. 

What I want to know is if you all think it's worth plugging through.  Has anyone else read this adaptation?  Has anyone else read a book written from its movie?  Are they any good? 

I always say that 'the book is better than the movie', but with this horrible experience I'm tempted to change that to 'the original is better than the transplant' :P

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