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Abraham, Daniel: An Autumn War

An Autumn War (2008)
Written by: Daniel Abraham
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Pages: 422 (Mass Market Paperback)
Series: Book Three of Four

The premise: copied from the back of the book: The cities of the Khaiem have lived in peace for generations, protected by the magical powers of the andat. They have no need of armies or fortifications or the burdens of war. But after centuries of complacency, all that is about end. Galt, the ancient enemy of the Khaiem, has a new leader: the charismatic, principled, obsessed general Balasar Gice. Armed with a secret weapon that can strip the Khaiem of their unique defenses, he has amassed the greatest army the world has ever seen. His goal: the permanent destruction of teh andat and the cities they protect.

Only Otah Machi, ruler of the great city of Machi, sees the precipice on which his world stands. He has no choice but to gather the cities of the Khaiem together in a struggle for which they are not prepared. As total war descends upon the cities of the Khaiem, Otah must face the slaughter of his nation, and the one desperate chance to save it. But the price of winning the approaching war may be worse than losing it. . . .

My Rating

Worth the Cash: I think this book would've made it to "Must Have" had I not been spoiled for the big climax, so while it's not fair to judge a book based on my being spoiled, my emotional reaction does often tie into the rating, and here, the emotional reaction wasn't as strong as it would've otherwise been. Still, it's an excellent series so far that I'm quite pleased with. While I'm still mulling over the role of women in society and the parts they play in the plot, there's no denying that Abraham has created a solid, developed world with solid, well-developed characters who grow and change with each book. What's more is just how much impact the prolog of the very first book of the series is still playing in the overall story, and I have to say just how much this impresses me. Fantasy fans should definitely give Abraham's series a shot, but don't read the books out of order. Start with A Shadow in Summer, and you'll be just fine. Abraham is quickly becoming one of those "must read" authors for me, and I can't wait to read the conclusion to the series.

Review style: whereas the second book of this cycle had a Shakespearean vibe going on, I find this book carries a certain King Arthur-esque weight to it, and I want to talk about that comparison. A little more examination of the role of women in The Long Price Quartet, discuss the format of each book in the series so far, and then talk about random stuff. :) How's that for detail? Yes, there be spoilers, and please, for the love of everything pure and good, DO NOT READ THE FULL REVIEW if you have not already read this book. If you're interested in the series, just pick up the first book and catch up, and then come back to read the full review. :) However, if you're already caught up, you're welcome to join the discussion at my LJ. :)

REVIEW: Daniel Abraham's AN AUTUMN WAR

Happy Reading!

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