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Here Lies Arthur By Philip Reeve

Title: Here Lies Arthur
By: Philip Reeve
My rating: C
Summary: Gwyna is the daughter of a slave, used to hard service. When her master's holding is burned by raiders, Gwyna escapes into the woods. There she is discovered by Myrddin, bard to the young and brutal warlord responsible for destroying her home. Myrddin offers her protection in exchange for her service. Gwyna becomes Myrddin's servant and privy to the secrets behind Arthur's power.( Summary thanks to

MyThought. I came aross this book when I was looking for books about King Arthor, I'm on a King Arthor trip eversince seeing Merlin the tv show. This book is written in First POV which I never like in a book, also for a book about war it lack a lot of action. But what I did really enjoy was the way the main character compared the lives of women and men in 5th/6th century A.D. Being that she lived as both a boy and a women. I also I would have read this book along for the begining and end tale of the lady in the water. I liked how the tale was spun, actually of the tale about Arthur spun out my Myrddin are worth reading about. It's all about the idea of King Arthur, as you will see if you read the book.     NO Spoiler in mythough.s


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