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Succubi by Edward Lee

by Edward Lee

May 2004 by Necro Publications (first published 1992)
Paperback, 248 pages

Description via

Welcome to Lockwood, a sedate, cozy kind of town...until night falls and the succubi come out to play. Hardcore sex, hardcore violence, and a harrowing ancient prophecy about to come true in spades-finally a supernatural horror novel that militant feminists will love! Sexy attorney Ann Slavik returns to her quiet hometown hoping to find her roots...but what does she find instead: murder, debauchery, cannibalism, diabolical secrets, and horror, horror, and MORE horror. The pair of stone-crazy psychopaths heading right in her direction are nothing compared to the atrocious sexual providence that awaits her with open arms. Think HARVEST HOME meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS, but with enough strange sex to make Caligula keel over and more blood and guts than a slaughter house floor.

My Review:

This book was reviewed in a horror magazine years ago and I ordered a copy. I have a hard-cover "un-cut" numbered addition so I am not sure how different it is compared to the mainstream copy. My guess is more gratuitous, perverse, and violent sex! The book begins with the accidental unearthing of an ancient female-dominated society, called the Ur-Locs, dating back to after 1000 A.D.

Meet main character Ann who is haunted by the same sickening nightmare on a regular basis, always waking from it at 4:12am. The dream involves her giving birth to her daughter while being surrounded by hooded women rubbing and caressing every inch of her sweaty skin chanting words that are not of any language she has heard of. The dream always turns nightmare as there is dagger stabbing into flesh repeatedly, blood everywhere and a symbol that haunts her. She is awakened after contractions hit and she simultaneously reaches orgasm. This dream has started to really screw up her daily life. she has just made partner at her law ferm but her handle on things is slipping. She arranges to go on a trip to France with her boyfriend and daughter to try and forget things for a while, only to have it abruptly interrupted by a call back home to Lockwood, the small town where Ann grew up and had her child. Her father is dying. The book unfolds when she goes back to her hometown and finds her repetitive nightmare is now staring at her in the flesh.

The book was chock-full of violent lesbian sex scenes mixed with cannibalism and torture. This aspect is always fun, however the story itself seems to wrap up a little too quickly. I anticipated where the story was going the whole time I read the novel, but feel there was a slight "rushed" twist at the book's abrupt ending that could have been developed a bit more.

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