Tasha (kilobites) wrote in bookish,

I've just finished reading "The Magicians" by Lev Grossman, and the Harry Potter books are some of my favorites. So with that in mind, I'm wondering if there are any recommendations for books that take place in schools for magic or wizardry?

YA books are fine, but I did enjoy the more adult aspect of "The Magicians", so general fiction would be great as well.

  • Dragonfly Falling, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    The second volume in a big fat epic fantasy series that might actually hold my attention for all ten books. Tor Books, 2009, 673 pages…

  • Chivalry

    Chivalry by Neil Gaiman A light tale, not particularly good, but the artwork was quite good, sometimes gorgeous.

  • Tinsel Rain

    Tinsel Rain by Moe Lane The Fermi Resolution book 3. Spoilers for Frozen Dreams ahead, and it's really a sequel for that. Morgan Barod does not…

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