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The Child Thief

The Child Thief

Brom imaginatively draws upon the original 'Peter and Wendy' story by J.M. Barrie in this dark retelling of Peter Pan.
Brom's characters are extremally well-developped. The characters differ greatly from their Disney counterparts, rejecting the traditional 'good' guy and 'bad' guy roles. Brom has also created many new characters which cannot be found in the original story. These characters are equally exciting. It was also good to watch the characters mature throughout the story which is told from multiple POV's and often switches from the past to the present.

In addition to the traditional legend Brom has also included some Arthurian elements, effectively creating a unique world which anyone can fall in love with. In his world you will find all sorts of new and interesting creatures which create a whole new depth for this remarkable story.   

The artwork is amazing!!! The pictures are beautiful yet grim at the same time, very detailed, and match the dark tone of the novel. You can view some of the artwork here:

This book is recommended to adults who have a taste for dark literature.

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