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A Local Habitation: An October Daye Novel by Seanan McGuire

It’s been a few months since Tobes stepped back into the world of Faerie. She’s no longer working for Safeway thanks to getting her P.I. license reinstated. She works among mortals hunting down cheating spouses, which isn’t exactly rivaling the Faerie world’s idea of investigative assignments. With barely enough time to get back to ‘normal,’ Toby Daye receives a phone call from Sylvester Torquill, Duke of Shadowed Hills and her liege. When Sylvester says jump, Toby obligingly responds, “how far?”

The two have a good working relationship. Mostly that’s because they’ve developed a genuine friendship over the years; Sylvester doesn’t abuse Toby’s loyalty and Toby would do a lot for him, even if he didn’t ask, but sometimes Sylvester has to pull rank. His niece, ruler of a neighboring Duchy, has stopped responding to his calls. Tamed Lightening is in a precarious position. It’s nestled in between Shadowed Hills and Dreamer’s Glass--the Duchy of Riordan, a typically ruthless Fae eager to claim any extra land for herself. It’s a political game of Operation: can Toby step in as an impartial outsider, find out what’s going on with January and bring that information back to her uncle without starting an inter-Duchy war?

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