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Coraline & Boy Overboard


Coraline is a children's fantasy/horror novel by by Neil Gaiman about a young girl who discovers a magical door which leads to a strange alternate universe.

This is one of those rare books which both adults and children alike can enjoy. The main protagonist -Coraline is incredibably realistic -she acts exactly the way you would expect a child to act in a story, something which lesser authors sometimes get wrong. The supporting characters are also very realistic. The alternate world Gaiman created is purely amazing which is a wonderful combination of both fantasy and horror. The writing is beautifully done -straight forward and easy to read- perfict for a children's book. There's absolutely nothing to critisize here, well done Gaiman!

Boy Overboard

Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman is about is about a young boy named Jamal who is forced to flee Afghanistan with his family after his parents were caught running an illeagal school. The title of the novel originates from the children overboard incident which occured near Australia.   

Boy Overboard is a well-written thought provoking political children's novel which is so realistic and suspensefull that it is difficult to put down without reading it from start to finish. The story provides a fantasic insight to what it's like living in a country terrorized by their own govement. The characters must also face smugglers, pirates, police and Australian forces. Definately recommended.  

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