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A Song in the Daylight - Paullina Simons

A Song in the Daylight - Paullina Simons

Synopsis: (snatched from the back of the book)

Nothing is what it seems...

Larissa Stark is a beautiful woman who plays many roles in her life: wife, mother, devoted friend. She has everything she ever wanted, until a chance encounter with a stranger changes Larissa's idyllic existence forever, leading her to question all the things she once believed were true. Faced with impossible choices and contemplating the unthinkable, Larissa struggles with an eternal mystery: how does one woman follow a divided heart?

Spanning the upscale suburbs of New Jersey, the slums of Manila and the desolate beauty of the Australian outback, A Song in the Daylight is a story of the bonds that unite us and the desires that drive us apart.


I found this book incredibly draining to read. It took me three weeks to get through it (a long time for me!), and I really struggled to persevere with it. I've read a few reviews floating around on the net which describe this book as a tale of "love and passion", and I couldn't disagree more. For me, this is a story of lust and self-absorption at its finest.

My main struggle centered around my total lack of empathy for Larissa. I found her to be incredibly spoilt and narcissistic, completely indifferent to the feelings of her husband, children and friends. I quickly tired of her attitude - the self-indulgence, the manipulation, the deception. I could never understand what it was that she saw in Kai; perhaps had she just wanted a "fling" with him based entirely on physical attraction, it would be more understandable. But to throw everything away, to fall so completely at the feet of a boy who from the get-go is so obviously a flighty, hedonistic dreamer...I just found it completely incomprehensible. By the end, I saw Larissa as not only self-involved and callous, but also rather dense and a little idiotic.

In some ways, Simons provides interesting food for thought - egotism vs. altruism, love vs. lust, loyalty vs. betrayal. However, the book is about 200 pages too long, the ending is anticlimactic and most of the characters are so intensely unlikeable that it's a difficult one to push through. For me, this is a one-read-only kind of book, and more than a little disappointing. For Simons at her best, you're much better off with Tully, The Bronze Horseman or The Girl in Times Square.

Number of Pages: 767

Rating: 2.5/5

Information: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, first published 2009.
ISBN: 0007241542


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