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Title: Why I Let My Hair Grow Out
Author: Maryrose Wood
Year of Publication: 2007
Genre: YA, fantasy (faerie)
Pages: 218
First Line: "The first thing I did was take scissors to my bangs."
Summary: When my boyfriend dumped me on the last day of school, it was just the icing on a ten-layer my-life-sucks cake. Hacking off all my hair and dying the stubble orange seemed like the next logical step. Okay, I was acting out. But my parents freaked and called the travel agent, and before you could say "Let's fix Morgan," I was being sent on a bike tour of Ireland. As if pedaling my way across an entire country with a bunch of losers in padded shorts is supposed to cheer me up?

So I'm hating the Emerald Isle, hating my tour mates, liking-yet-hating the cute redheaded guy who drives the luggage van -- when a most unusual bike accident tosses me headfirst into some crazy, once-upon-a-time corner of the past. . .I'm talking faeries and wee folk and a hunky warrior dude named Fergus, who knows how to treat a girl who's part goddess. (Hmm, wonder who that might be?) Now, in addition to biking across the country, I have to help undo some evil curses and perform an impossible rescue. Some vacation, right? But in the middle of all this becoming-a-legend stuff, I'm realizing there's some growing up I need to do -- and I don't just mean my hair. . .

Source: Back of book

Review: Okay, so I usually don't have a really easy time finding good faerie books. Some of my favorites are War for the Oaks, Tithe and Lament. This book just joined those. It was, I admit, a little iffy at first, but it definitely improved. I had been wanting to read this for a long time and my mom, ironically enough, got me the sequel, without realizing it was a sequel. Two or so weeks ago, I finally got the first one and read it in a day. I'm now working on the second which isn't quite as good, so far, but not a bad read, either. I definitely suggest this to the faerie fans out there.

Worst part: The climax could have been done better -- I feel like it took up too much of the book, and it's not as faerie-centric as it could be.

Best part: Colin. Oh my God. I need to stop falling in love with fictional characters.

Grade: B+

Other Books by This Author: How I Found the Perfect Dress (the sequel to WILMHGO), and Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love

17 / 50 books. 34% done!
Tags: category: young adult, genre: fantasy, genre: romance, review, xxx author last name: r-z

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