Itisme (newwaytowrite) wrote in bookish,

a giant THANKS

 I have read all the responses to my entry about bookshelf organization ideas. You made me nod in agreement, feel your love of books and sent me on my path.

I am going to stop now and take a break. I have kept my top left shelf as anthology and poetry. Physically for some reason this makes sense to me despite the fact I have then followed downward with three shelves of non fiction. First with reference materials (dictionaries), grammar and writing style texts, books about writing by writers, creative writing books, acting books, literary theory, memoirs/biography/autobiography and then feminist tracts.

I have more non fiction yet to shelve but my problem becomes I have a printer/scanner/copier on that case's bottom shelf that takes up half the shelf. What to do? I will figure it out.

The cats are revelling in the joys of having empty shelves of the case to the right of my desk. There is no doubt that the right side is going to be promptly stuffed to the gunnels with fiction. I just can't decide if I am going to go with sub genres or lump all the fiction with straight alphabetization. 

It is a work in progress to be sure.

How much longer could this project take? I don't know. All I know is that soon I am going to eat some popcorn and I hope something good will be on the t.v. 

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