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American On Purpose - Ferguson

American On Purpose

Craig Ferguson

You may recognize Ferguson from The Drew Carry Show or The Late Late Show with Craig. This is his life story, from a boyhood in Glasgow to a brief stink in New York and eventually to L.A. Craig recalls his drunken escapades in a way only a now sober comedian can. He pokes fun at his own previous stupidity and life choices, recognizes his own faults and his role in the failure of his relationships. Through all these recollections Ferguson manages to be hilarious and insightful. Underneath all of the drugs and alcohol it is really a story of a boy who just wanted to live in America. He made me both proud of my country and a little sadness that myself and many others forget that it can be more than political rivalries and shouting matches. You don't have to be a huge fan to find his story entertaining, and his personal growth is moving. This isn't exactly high brow literature, but it's fast paced and entertaining. Definitely worth a stop at a library (or a friends bookshelf) for.

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