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Rosemary and Rue: An October Daye Novel by Seanan McGuire

October “Toby” Daye--or “Tobes” as I prefer to call her (thank you, Julie!) is in a unique position. She’s half faerie, half human with little to none of the benefits of either and all of the consequences of each. Her magical abilities are so limited that any exertion on enchantments and the like makes her ill; unlike pureblood Faeries, Tobes (yes, I’ll be referring to her in the rest of the review with that name. That’s how much I like it) won’t get to live in immortal boredom. Sure, she has a longer than average life span compared to regular humans, but what’s a couple of hundred years when she could have eons? Aside from these two rather annoying side effects of her pedigree, Tobes has other things to consider: the underside of most pureblood noses (or other olfactory organs) who see Changelings like Tobes as less than worthy of the air space, much less their attention. It’s all Tobes can do to ignore their gross prejudice, cozy up to the more enlightened groups of Faerie-infested San Francisco and the greater Northern California Bay Area (ah, home), and earn her living working as a P.I.--Fae services for hire.

It figures she’d get into trouble on assignment for a dear friend, spend the next 14 years of her life as a fish and come back only to find her human partner and quarter Fae daughter don’t buy her bogus story (not to mention: she can’t exactly tell them the truth). Now Tobes is working the evening shift at the local Safeway (a grocery store native to California--I prefer Raley’s) and on her own in an apartment with two Siamese cats as roommates doing everything in her power to stay out from under the Faerie radar. Considering where she lives, that’s about as impossible as it is inevitable that the story must go on! When Tobes comes home from work one morning there’s a strange series of messages on her machine, all from the same person. Since it’s a Faerie Tobes hasn’t had any dealings with in awhile, she’s wary and hesitant. Before too late, there’s been a murder and Tobes has more important matters warring for her attention than hungry cats, angry managers, or demanding landlords.

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