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Meyer, Stephenie: Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (2008)
Written by: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance
Pages: 756 (Hardcover)
Series: Book Four of Four

The premise: I can't find a plot summary that makes me happy, but you know what? This is the FOURTH AND FINAL book of the Twilight series. Do you really NEED a premise? Okay, fine: Bella gets everything she's ever wanted, only to realize there's more to what she wanted than she ever knew, and these desires bring about a confrontation in the paranormal community that Bella and Edward aren't sure they can win, let alone survive.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: but only if you're invested in this series and are ready for the final installment. And for those of you who love to hate this, I'm as surprised as anyone that I ended up enjoying this book as much as I did. But honestly, I think what allowed me to do so was already knowing everything that happens: I've had almost two years to process and react to the events in this book, so when I actually read them, there was no shock or outrage. And in hindsight, I think Meyer prepared her readers for certain events pretty well, but that said, I think if you're like me and read this as a guilty pleasure (more emphasis on the guilt than the pleasure) and/or love to rant about the series, make sure you know what you're getting into. Like I said, I had the spoilers internalized, so I was able to appreciate this book for what it was: a happy ending. The series is about half & half for me and I still think it presents some dangerous messages regarding love and relationships, but in the end, I'd read more if Meyer wrote it. Yeah, I'm a sucker. But that's why it's a guilty pleasure, now isn't it?

Review style: No rants. No raves. Truly, I'm sorry to disappoint. Instead, I'll be talking about how Breaking Dawn made me realize that Stephenie Meyer isn't writing a paranormal romance or urban fantasy, but rather a fairy tale. Yes, a fairy tale. Don't worry, I explain all of my reasoning behind in my journal, and yes, you should expect LOTS AND LOTS of spoilers. If you want nothing of that sort, don't click the link below. Otherwise, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)


Happy Reading!


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