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Witch and Wizard By James Patterson

Title: Witch and Wizard
By: James Patterson
Pages: 307
My Rating: Between a B and C.
Summary: It's overwhelming. A city's worth of angry faces staring up at me like I'm a wicked criminal. The stadium is filled past capacity. Hundreds of thousands of curious, uncaringm or at least indifferent, faces...
There are no moist eyes, most less tears,
No words of protest.
No stomping feet.
No fists raised in solidarity
In fact, as the countdown tickers flaskes onto the giant video screens, it's looking to be my family's last day.
I see my brother, whit, wondering if there's some last-minute way of this. I see my mother crying quietly for Whit and me, I see my father, stooped with resignation, but smiling at me and my brother- trying to remind us that there's no point being miserable in our last moments on ths plants.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. There a lot to cver before we get the details of our public execution.
So let's go back a bit. ( Thanks to the back of the book. I liked that summary best)

My Thought: I picked up Witch and Wizard blindly. I didn't look at the back of the book and read the summary or do some research on the net, like I normally do. I saw a commerical for the book on T.V. and thought why not. So I put it on hold at the library.  I want to point out that I hate it when advertising is way best then the actually materical. Kinda like when you see a movie preview and it looks awesome and you go see it, only to find out all the best part were in that 2:00 minute window. Now, I'm not saying the books suck, it didn't, but advertising try to make it way better tha it was. 
All in all this book was general okay, The two main character's were likeable, funny ans seem real enought. Since both of them are teenager's there a good doce of sarcasm. For anyone how likes that, I know I did.  
The only thing that annyed me was the main characters name-Wisty and Whit. Witch and Wizard is all writien in 1st POV and switches between the two siblings. So, for the frist couple of chapters I kept getting there names turn away, I finally got it but I was annoying for a while.  


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