fleur806 (fleur806) wrote in bookish,

Self-Help books - unclear on what they ask of me

I enjoy reading self-help books. My personal reasons for reading them are for clarification, seeing other perspectives, growth, and even being more aware of my own habits (the ways I'm used to thinking, reacting, etc.)

A couple of self-help books I've read recently pertain to "Following your dreams" and "Living the life you want" and things of that nature. What's unclear to me is when they state "Live your life now they way you wish it to be in the future."

I kind of giggle, because, am I supposed to walk around with my head in the clouds? Am I suppose to involve other people in this? - In other words, for instance, am I to begin saying things like "I'm buying a house in the country, I'm starting a family, I'm moving away" - none of which is true (at the moment), but are the things I want in my future, therefore puts me "living right now the way I see my future."

It just seems sort of silly. Especially to involve other people, because that seems like lying (as well as lame?), but even if I keep that way of thinking to myself, it keeps my head in the clouds.

What is your take on that bit of advice?

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